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2018 photography trends

Five Photography Trends to Look Out For in 2018

It’s no secret that as social media becomes more and more powerful and such a large part of our lives that photography has become more popular. From events like weddings to modeling and fashion: photography is changing all around us. 2018 is predicted to be one of the most exciting years of photography yet. Here are the five photography trends to look out for this year.


Instagram has risen to the most powerful photographic platforms in the world but for the professionals, getting images onto the social network from a DSLR is still a process. Professional grade cameras can’t yet directly upload to Instagram, but soon they will be able to do the next best thing: automatically transfer images from their camera to a phone through Bluetooth. Bluetooth can also be used to pair mobile phones with digital cameras and initiate image transfers.


You may soon be able to return from a shoot with a memory card full of images, drop them in your card reader and have artificial intelligence detect which pictures are the best. From watching you work, this software can also edit your images will know how you like your skin tones, your sharpness level, noise reduction and more elements.

Film Cameras

The film is hot again, but most of the analog activity is focused on instant film and cameras. While there have been some promising developments around new or resurrected 35mm film stocks, there hasn’t been as much new film hardware. Kodak’s long-awaited Super 8mm movie camera should finally be ready to purchase soon, and this will jumpstart the film camera trend.

The Electronic Shutter

Electronic shutters bestow several other advantages over their mechanical counterparts. They’re completely silent, so you won’t be heard clanging away as you shoot. Since there are no moving parts, they won’t produce shaky photos. The electronic shutter will enable faster and quieter burst modes.


A technology called blockchain will help photographers prosecute image thieves. The blockchain is a tamper-proof digital record that proves you own a given file. Blockchain won’t make image theft impossible, but it will make it easier to authenticate an original and prosecute those that steal photos.

It’s important to stay on top of the newest trends in the marketing industry. V-Drone knows that photography is all about perspective. We take tired marketing campaigns to new heights with drone photography, and our team of experts is waiting to take your brand to new heights.

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