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drone deliveries

Extra Special Deliveries In The Sky

Amazon has asked the Federal Aviation Administration for an exemption from the rules prohibiting the use of drones for commercial purposes. As of right now, the rules have only been relaxed so the company can conduct additional research and development of their Prime Air concept. Amazon has successfully tested their drones inside their research and development lab in Seattle, but there are still aspects of the idea that need to be worked out.

Although it’s been years now since Amazon revealed its plan to begin using drones for delivery and have been refining it, Amazon has been granted a patent on tech that allows its drones to self-destruct in the event of an emergency. The patent is designed for controlled destruction of drones. For example, if Amazon can detect a disruption it is an operation, the drone can safely break into multiple pieces and avoid injuring anyone or any property.

Because of this patent, Amazon is seeking drones that fall apart more easily. This allows the company to spend less money purchasing the drones while making more money. As the drone goes about its business, onboard systems and the drone fleet’s mission control center would be on the watch for potentially hazardous conditions such as inclement weather or equipment malfunctions.

Although these drones will be delivering Amazon packages, there are drone deliveries being made all over the world that are saving lives. In Rwanda and Tanzania, drones are delivering medical supplies such as blood and vaccines to remote areas. The government expects to save lives thank faster delivery of medical supplies, and Rwanda has already completed 1,400 similar deliveries. Tanzania will open four drone distribution centers with Silicon Valley startup Zipline, that will provide more than 100 drones and 2,000 flights a day.

While drones begin to find a wider range of applications, V-Drone is staying ahead of the industry. Our film and photo services make it possible to capture shots from an aerial perspective in 4k resolution. If you need aerial photography for your next project, event or race call V-Drone today!

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