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drone photography

Three Ways Drones are Used in Business

As the popularity of drones has increased, the technology has been commercialized for business and individuals. Here at V-Drone, a drone photography agency, we know how useful drones can be. From photography, film and much more: drones are revolutionizing all industries and the way we do everything. Previously, drones were primarily used in war and the military’s contribution to the drone technology is significant and unforgettable. Drones now are used in a variety of business due to the developments in technology that have facilitated innovations. Here are three ways drones are used in business in modern times.


The most popular industry with drone technology features unique aerial angles is photography. The film industry has already embraced the use of drones with open arms. Drone technology promises to overtake manually edited effects such as zooming in filmmaking. Also, journalists and high-end photographers have already seized the opportunity to use a drone all while selfie drones are slowly starting to be implemented in the market.

Smart Farming

One of the first industries to embrace this new technology was agriculture. Typically, a farmer conducts periodic rounds in the farm to keep track of changes necessary for the crops to perform. Drone technology is relatively inexpensive and can complete tasks that farmers have had to complete manually such as: assessing soil composition, addressing other factors like hydration in your farm, or spray crops.


Various states have drafted agendas to legalize drones for police as well as arming them. These customized drones will have sensors that allow the device to remain inactive until a sensor is activated. Using drones for law enforcement does not entirely relate to business. However, using these drones in law enforcement could indicate a possible market influx in demand.

If you are looking for a local drone photography agency that can open new doors for your business, do not hesitate to come to V-Drone. We have a staff of highly qualified

  • Cialisonline
    Posted at 15:39h, 03 April Reply

    While I cannot say who “owns” the airspace above your property, the FAA claims “exclusive jurisdiction” over “national airspace”. The FAA is the sole authority when it comes to use of national airspace, and as such, FAA restrictions are the only ones that are legally enforceable nation wide. A critical distinction needs to be made between where a pilot flies “from”, as opposed to where the drone itself flies. Property owners can restrict pilots from launching or operating drones from their property, but only the FAA can restrict the use of the airspace itself. Even other Federal Agencies defer to the FAA in all matters regarding use of national airspace. For example, the National Park Service has acknowledged that the restriction against flying drones in National Parks only applies to the launching/landing (piloting) of drones from INSIDE park boundariesNOT the use of the airspace above the park by pilots physically standing outside a parks boundary. Said another way, there is no FAA restriction against flying over National Parks, and the National Park’s do not restrict the use of the airspaceonly the operation of a drone by a pilot physically standing on park property. In the same light, no property owner, be they State, County, Local or Private can legally restrict the use of the airspace above their property. So, back to the beginning Who owns the airspace above your property??? For all intents and purposesthe FAA, and only the FAA!

  • velocity
    Posted at 17:02h, 17 April Reply

    You’re so welcome!

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