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Drones and The Fashion Industry

It’s no secret that we are living in the future in 2018, and drones are becoming utilized in many industries from film, production, data collection and entertainment. Dolce & Gabanna sent a fleet of flying drones down its runway during the house’s fashion show in Milan on Sunday. Audience members were asked to turn off Wi-Fi on their phones as well as any personal hot-spots. With the show being delayed 45 minutes, we now know that the implementation of drones was a huge play in the delay.

This is a sign of the rapidly changing usage of drones in the retail industry. Jon Ollwerther, vice president of a drone service company, believes that drones are on the verge of altering the landscape of retail.The only hurdle facing the industry is how the Federal Aviation Administration determines to change aviation law. You can’t fly drones beyond your visual line of sight which prohibits a lot of drone delivery in America. Even with the roadblocks, retailers like Amazon are already thinking about ways that drone delivery could enhance their offerings. Drones could also lower the cost of delivery from dollars to cents all while speeding up the delivery timeline. Instead of a person hand-carrying and hand delivering each package to a door, you can organize the structure of that delivery quite differently.

As far as boosting brands, drones can effectively enhance a label’s branding by capturing imagery of a runway show. Brands are already utilizing drones to enhance their content and present a different perspective on the world. As a successful drone company, V-Drone is always looking forward to the next trend. If you are looking for drone rentals, drone production, or any drone service, V-Drone has everything you are looking for! As we monitor drones slowly being implemented in all industries, we are so excited to be a part of the growth.


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