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drone shows

Drone Shows and Their Success

Have you ever heard of drone shows? Sometimes you want your advertising campaigns to be subtle and low-key, reminding your potential customers of your business in a way that they might only feel at a subliminal level.

And then there are the times when you don’t. Other times you want to make a massive impression, literally throwing subtlety literally to the wind in favor of an approach which will ensure your customers never forget you and have something to talk about for a long time.

A very important celebration earlier this year demonstrated ways in which drones can be of service in both approaches: the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games. The famous technology company Intel was one of the important partners of the events this year and put on a record-breaking drone show. While the show had to be prerecorded due to weather conditions on the day of the opening ceremony, drone displays were repeated throughout the events during medal presentations, and one more time at the closing ceremony, always providing the spectators a show even during the downtimes. Intel stock prices rose dramatically following the event.

The usage of drones in such an unprecedented way was a massive success, even despite needing to be prerecorded due to cold weather. A similar show was done just recently in California for the fourth of July by Intel, and the idea has been picked up by other companies in other states such as Colorado and Texas. Even areas devastated by recent wildfires were able to celebrate the Fourth of July without fear of fires, through the drone shows. This event is only one of the many ways in which drone technology is being used for a myriad of different functions, anywhere from environmental monitoring to windmill repair. Drones really are our gateway to the future and will see much more frequent and diverse usage in the next few years.

V-Drone is a aerial film and photography company in Metairie, Louisiana that takes brands and campaigns to new heights. In addition, we are constantly looking at the world around us to see how drones are changing our present and future. If you are looking for an experienced drone team, look no further than V-Drone.

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  • Jamie Holden
    Posted at 11:26h, 19 July Reply

    The drones at the Olympics were amazing!

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