Drone Technology Gets Spooky For Halloween | V-Drone Pro
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drone technology

Drones get Spooky

Halloween used to be about the costumes and the candy but in recent years, the centuries-old custom has received a modern reboot where you can witness ghosts, ghouls, and demonic clowns flying about in the sky. Ghost droning is a new Halloween trend sweeping the nation where people have taken to draping fabric over drones and let them fly through the streets. Others sport clown heads, arms and bony fingers and intricate costumes. These drones are out and about to scare the neighborhood kids and prank people to get into the Halloween spirit.

This drone technology isn’t only useful at this time of year to spook other people, but also to see spooky sites yourself. Videographers and photographers alike often use their drones to capture footage of haunted sites around the globe. Ghost Hunters have now adopted drones to try and capture paranormal activity on camera and many videos are on youtube depicting strange glimpses of ghosts. Bigfoot believers also claim to have captured sightings of the tall hairy creature while using a drone as well. With all this talk about the paranormal you have to wonder: What about aliens?

NASA scientists are testing a fleet of underwater drones that will allow them to explore oceans on other planets and moons. These scientists believe that water is the ingredient for life and can be found on planets like Saturn and Pluto. Conspiracy theorists also believe they have discovered the true answer to an incredible underwater city was in fact aliens. These underwater drones from NASA will be equipped with artificial intelligence to detect if there have been living beings underwater or if these life forces are still present.

No matter the reason, drones are being used by more and more people with each passing day. V-Drone has the latest in drone technology and photography as well as 360-degree views to capture ghosts, goblins, bigfoot, aliens and more. If you’re feeling curious and in the Halloween spirit, call us today!

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