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drone videography

Benefits of Drone Videography

In the past, the only way to produce any aerial video or shot would be to rent a helicopter and a licensed pilot for your video shoot. Drones are being utilized more than ever for everything from weddings, commercials, and music videos. Many musicians are taking advantage of the many creative aspects of drone footage, primarily because many music videos can be shot in one take with the proper drone equipment and the professionals that use them.


Producing a video isn’t cheap but very important to an artist’s identity. With a bit of planning, drones can capture all of your footage on the same day as the rest of your production and will save you time, money and a headache from organizing all that you need to get the aerial shots that you want.

Full HD Quality

Drones are capable of offering aerial videos that produce remarkable results. Drone and video technology have improved over time and are now capable of producing 4k footage. This presents the ability to swap out different cameras depending on the type of footage that you are looking to capture.

Video Application

Aerial video can provide a distinctive view of a setting, and it is ideal for showing a complete bird’s eye point of view. A musician can enhance their overall appeal by using aerial video and will attract their audience’s attention.

Saving Time

With a drone team, as soon as you arrive at the site of your shoot, you can be up and flying around in about 5 minutes time. Also, if inclement weather starts to affect your shoot, you can simply land a drone and wait out the storm until the next window of opportunity arises which is not possible with a helicopter or plane.


Since drones are compact, they can provide unique video angles that are not possible with a manned aircraft. Drones are also able to fly through a window or around a room which can provide an awesome view-point for the audience.

A popular pop band, OK-GO are well known for their innovative and creative music videos and recently shot a music video using a drone and has recently gone viral. This video serves as a perfect example of why drone shot music videos are the next big thing. Here at V-Drone, we have the latest in drone photography technology and a professional team that has the skills, creative eye, and knowledge to produce music videos that are truly unforgettable. If you are a musician looking to make your next video a viral sensation, V-drone is ready to take you there.

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  • Duncan Lance
    Posted at 17:33h, 25 June Reply

    Versatility really is one of the biggest benefits that you can get from aerial videography and I am glad that the article brings that up. After all, drones are compact and very maneuverable. This means that they can get plenty of unique and interesting shots to be used in the video you are producing.

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