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drone videography

The Future of Football

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It’s that magical time of year again: Football Season. For spectators, it’s a time to grill out, tailgate, and sport your team’s colors while they support their team from the sidelines or in their living room. For the athletes, they consistently train throughout the season in hopes of winning and dominating the sport.

On Football training grounds, strange objects are hovering overhead: drones. Drones are the latest piece of technology available to coaches in their mission to assess the performance of the footballers under their watch. Filming from the sidelines is limiting, but by using a drone, players are filmed from a bird’s eye view and hover over specific players and areas on the pitch. During training, coaches from high schools to the NFL have been utilizing this machinery and technology to review plays with their team to strengthen their playing strategy. Many coaches already have had their players wearing the same sports trackers under their uniforms that casual runners wear. The data that’s collected feeds into a machine learning algorithms so that coaches can compare players’ acceleration, speed, and agility to know who is playing at peak performance.

At the moment, filming is only allowed in an empty stadium so fans will have to wait for the day when drones can hover above the nosebleed section. Drones possess the ability to change the way we study, watch, and experience football games. Drones are not far from Skycams: A computer-operated, cable-suspended camera system that has been in widespread use in major football games for over a decade. This device has been bringing overhead shots of huddles and plays through its multi-dimensional system. However, Football is behind in the world of sports by not utilizing drones during sporting events. In the adventure sports industry, which includes mountain biking, BMX, skateboarding, skiing, and surfing, drones are already widely used and are capturing innovative footage.

Drones are inevitably changing the way that we see the world around us, and V-Drone has already stayed ahead in the ever-changing film industry by using the latest in drone videography technology. Whether it is real estate, industrial, leisure, or commercial businesses, V-Drone has taken marketing campaigns to new heights with drone videography and photography.

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