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dog hanging christmas ornaments

Drones and Christmas Trees

Christmas time is here and this year, when you are looking at your Christmas tree in awe, we hope you think about the drones. Drones have the potential to revolutionize the nursery industry and that’s where many Christmas drones are produced.

As labor continues to be the number one challenge for nursery growers, any potential for automation should be considered. Labor shortage isn’t the only problem presenting itself in the agriculture industry: agriculture businesses are also consolidating medium sized farms in order to be bought out by larger farms.

With Geographic information services (GIS) and drones, many agriculture specialist have tested the use of drones as tools for managing inventory and recording heights of field-grown stock. These drones are extracting accurate heights for each tree and generate health information using drones and provide the information to the grower in a user-friendly format.

In tests, researchers collect imagery from two arborvitae fields and several Christmas tree fields. By stitching the images together, they have developed models on how to estimate numbers of trees in a field and their heights.

These drones can estimate the number of trees per acre, estimating height of trees in the field, and access the health of field-grown trees by identifying areas of poor soil condition, pest and disease.

Since drones have helped grow the Christmas trees, we already know they are helping keep the spirit of Christmas alive. In addition, drones can be used for photography and videography. Here at V-drone, we have drone specialists that can produce beautiful campaigns through drone footage. If you want a birds eye view of your business, we are ready to take to the sky! Learn more here.


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