Drones are The Best Innovation | V-Drone | Drone Professionals
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Drones Are The Innovators That Keep Innovating | V-Drone | Drone Professionals

The drone professionals at V-drone know a thing or two about drones. What did film do when it was first invented? Quite simply: it changed the world, and it did so in ways that nobody could have ever predicted. It allowed people to see things from places thousands of miles away from themselves, increase awareness and responsiveness to worldwide catastrophes, and change the way we experience our world.

So where do drones fit into this story? They are the next step on the horizon; the next big thing, which is already here.

Some think of drones as little different from a child’s RC copter, and don’t “see what the big fuss is about”. But did you know that drones are already being used to change the world and help our planet? Scientists in countries such as Canada and Australia have been using drone technology to monitor and collect data on wildlife populations for the past few years; making new discoveries in places less hospitable for fieldwork. An organization for marine conservation named Ocean Alliance used drones to monitor whale populations’ health in a non-invasive way. A team from San Francisco has been using drones to take footage of living conditions in Liberia to raise awareness. Drone technology has already been integral around the world for the last decade.

Drones allow you to record footage from vantage points which might otherwise be impossible with a normal camera crew: from hundreds of feet in the air, close to dangerous animals, up and down busy city streets, the possibilities are endless. With V-Drone Aerial Photography, your company can use the revolutionary new technology to expand your marketing campaigns to the next level for a much lower cost than ever before. With 4K video from heights of up to 400 feet and multiple camera angles, you too can use this technology of the future and get ahead with what has been called one of the greatest advancements in filmmaking.

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  • Jamie Holden
    Posted at 11:25h, 19 July Reply

    I never knew drones were used for so many things!

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