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drones for christmas

Drones for Christmas | V-Drone | New Orleans, LA

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and it’s looking like are all getting a dose of drones for Christmas! Everyone’s eyes are on Madison Square Garden during the Holiday season. This year,  Intel’s Shooting Star drones will join the Radio City Rockettes for the finale of its annual Christmas Spectacular at Radio City.

These drones won’t be filming but creating a light show over the stage, using choreographed movements to create holiday-themed silhouettes in the new finale scene, Christmas Lights. This is the first time Intel’s mini drones have appeared in such a huge theatrical performance.

“It’s going to blow away everyone’s expectations. They’re not going to expect to have drones flying 3D inside Radio City,” said Natalie Cheung, general manager of Intel’s drone light shows.

Think back to Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance where lights were everywhere in the sky. Those were drones too. These mini drones were created specifically for indoor light displays. Intel developed a location system to allow the drones to navigate within an enclosed space, where the flying objects would be unable to locate their positions via GPS. The mini drones already are rehearsing in the space, ensuring they can safely execute the choreography, in which the drones create images and animations that are synchronized to music and lighting effects.

Tech is not taking the place of the magic of theater, but enhancing it. Here at V-Drone we are always excited to see how drones will revolutionize the way that we view entertainment. Although flight conditions for drones are difficult and vary from venue to venue, they are being used more every day. Superstar Drake himself has utilized them for his concerts. 

For now, drone shows like these happen in indoor venues, and the drones only fly over the stage. In the future, people plan to add more drones to the swarm to do more complex choreographies and extend to outdoor venues. There are also some possible industrial applications for the drones, like deploying a swarm of them in a warehouse to read sensors on cargo and take inventory.

V-drone knows of the various and vast uses of drones and that’s why we have dedicated our entire company to helping all facets of the business world. We have the professional staff to help you with all of your drone photography and videography needs. 


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