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Drones Are Saving Lives

Drones have been used for the common good for a multitude of things. From packages, food, and alcoholic beverages, drones can bring a smile to people’s faces. But one company is using drones to deliver blood and deliver it fast, saving many lives in Africa.

Zipline, a company out of Silicon Valley, has teamed up with Rwanda’s health ministry to deliver more than 5,500 units of blood according to a report in The Guardian. These drones have cut the delivery time from the average four hours to thirty minutes.

Delivering to 12 hospitals in the eastern part of the country, this company has raised over $41 million from investors and has covered a total of approximately six million people. The main reason why these drones are so much more efficient is that they can reach a speed of up to 60 mph. When the drones are arriving, the doctors in Rwanda receive a text, and the drone then drops off the package.

This service is so important to Rwanda because of their Malaria epidemic. Despite global efforts to eradicate it, scores in sub-Saharan Africa continue to suffer and die from the disease. Burundi has now declared a malaria epidemic after nearly 800 people have reportedly died this year. This disease can cause some related symptoms, including anemia, heightening the need for blood transplants and infusions, and much more.

The use of these drones also helps when it comes to wasting precious life-saving blood because blood spoils quickly. This project from Zipline might be a pioneer in the use of drones in medicine and many other facets of our daily lives. Here at V-Drone, we are a Louisiana drone company that knew the growing potential of drones long before they started buzzing overhead. If you are looking for the leading company for drone photography in Louisiana, V-Drone has produced stunning photography and videos for our clients to show the world the full view of what they have to offer.

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