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cuter side of drones

The Cuter Side of Drones

With all the news of drones being used for wars, we thought you would want to hear about the cuter side of drones. DJI has now made some really cute drones where they have teamed up with Line Friends. DJI is a market leader in easy-to=-fly drones and aerial photography systems. Line Friends was a Japanese based emoticon line that has been turned into a cartoon, and full-on brand. Their concept is much like Angry Birds here in the US. Because of their success and the demand for child-friendly drones, DJI and Line Friends’ collaboration has already proved to be a success.

Together, they have created a mini-drone that features the cute bear icon, Brown. The Line Friends can do everything a standard spark drone can do including a quick launch, selfie-taking, tracking and more.

This special edition they are launching with line friends will take this concept even further and make storytelling and sharing part of everyday life. This is DJI’s first characterized drone and it’s first that users can control with hand gestures alone, according to a release. This mini-drone sells at $399.

Here at V-Drone we are always looking to what is going to be next in the world of drones and technology. In most facets of our everyday life, drones are being utilized to make our lives easier. If you need a drone team that knows how to get the perfect angle, contact V-Drone today!

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