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new orleans best drone company

New Orleans’ Best Drone Company Has Great News!

As New Orleans’s best drone company, we have a few things to tell you about the new and exciting opportunities for drones! Photographers have been taking cameras into the air almost as long as cameras have existed. Some photographers hovered above in hot air balloons while others hooked their cameras up to kites with electrical charges to release the shutter. Birds would even be utilized until aircraft were invented. Today, drones do it all and are easily controlled by the remote in your hand.

If you run a hotel, resort, golf course, or a casino: you likely manage an extremely large property. Effective management of that property consists of many things:

  • Surveying the property regularly
  • Ensuring maintenance is being performed
  • Producing marketing material

All of these things require a wide look at the property as a whole and achieving that on foot is difficult: That’s where Velocity Agency sends in the Drones. Every advertisement, whether a 30-second video clip or a simple flyer is trying to capture the attention of the reader or viewer and get them to commit to their product. Drone marketing is a new and exciting way to achieve the wow factor to promote your business by capturing the attention of your potential customers and showcasing a 360 view of your business.

In the world of aerial photography, it’s all about immersing the individual in the image through exciting new angles and all-encompassing views. This opens up the world around consumers and entices them to explore the image. It also stands in stark contrast to the trend of “selfie” style photos where the photographer is included in the image. While these selfie style photos are popular on social media, they are ineffective at capturing more than the photographer themselves in the image.

Visuals are the new language of the digital age and videos are the most compelling and engaging visual form. In 2014, Google confirmed the online consumption of travel videos was increasing at an unprecedented rate and that travel videos attract consumers more than any other form of content.

Velocity Agency’s aerial photography division V-Drone has the latest in drone photography technology with aircraft that can capture everything from stills to 4K footage at heights of up to 400 ft. We specialize in tourism, destination, hospitality, golf courses, casinos and experiential marketing. As beautiful as Casinos, resorts, and golf courses are: traditional photography can never capture the magic fully. To give your customers the best picture of your business you have to give them a bird’s eye view. The sky’s the limit and with V-drone in your arsenal, we have the power to take your brand to exciting new heights.

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