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Drones and Phones

Best Friends for Music Festivals

If you have been to a music festival, it’s a blast. It’s a time to eat food, watch your favorite musicians, and hang out with your friends in the great outdoors. However, if you happen to lose your friend in the crowd or you are trying to meet up with friends you know the struggle of not having phone service all too well. Being cut off from your friends at festivals could be a thing of the past thanks to US telecommunications company AT&T, which is proposing the use of drones to boost phone service in areas of high usage.

The company hopes to kit out drones to provide coverage that can be deployed at large events or in rapid disaster response situations. These devices will be called Flying COWs: cell on wings.  These drones will provide enhanced LTE wireless coverage at any packed event so that you and thousands of others can simultaneously send photos and videos to share the moment.  

Drones are also very useful for unique event photography from sporting events to small and large music festivals. AT&T’s projected technology could come into opposition with a recent patent awarded to Apple.

In addition to music festivals, AT&T has used their COWs to service something much more important: Puerto Rico. 48 percent of cell sites are still out of service after Hurricane Maria. Although the drones are not a permanent fix for Puerto Rico, it is providing instant wireless connectivity in an area of up to 40 square miles. This makes for the first time an LTE cell site on a drone has been successfully deployed to connect residents after a disaster. One of these drones can provide coverage to up to 8,000 people simultaneously, depending on equipment and network actors.

This makes the AT&T drone extremely versatile from being used for unique event photography, disaster relief, and could even give wireless data to you in remote locations. It might be time to say goodbye to your phone troubles at large events. For whatever drone needs you have, V-Drone has it all: from special events to filming and photography we have you covered. Come see why V-Drone is your destination in Louisiana for Drone services!

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