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drone school

V-Drone | New Drone School Opens

Do you want to go to Drone school? Here at V-Drone, we have seen drones utilized for many things. At first, drones have entered many people’s lives as a hobby – to take photos and video of beautiful places during the holidays, to shoot an event, to fly through the park.

However, drones are also business with a ton of companies offering services in aerial photography of objects. Countries with progressive legislation are intensively studying the issues of the legal use of drones in the delivery of goods and products. Many people are wondering: Can operation of drones be a profession shortly?

The guys from the Moscow Aviation Institute in Russia found the answer to this question. They believed in the power of drones so much; they opened a school. Today the Drone school of the Moscow Aviation Institute is an educational platform where a person of any gender and age can learn to fly on any copter – from microdrones for racing with a cat around the apartment, to heavy specialized complexes with useful lifting power.

The courses are designed for different levels of preparation – from the basic one-off course to the one-year course aimed at drone-racers with the aim of joining the drone racing team of the MAI (especially since the end of 2017, since drone racing has become an official sport in Russia).

In addition to directly operating drones, students of the school are taught to fully assemble their custom drones, programming and detailed technical understanding of the device of copters.

If you don’t have time to go through a drone school yourself and you need a team of drone experts, V-Drone is the place to go! From aerial filming to photography, we can help your audiences see you from an all-new angle. While other companies will be delivering the same stale video content, you can offer a bird’s-eye view to convert customers into fans!

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  • Jamie Holden
    Posted at 13:50h, 07 June Reply

    I would love to learn to use a drone!

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