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Film World

Drones Are Revolutionizing The Film World

Anyone who’s watched Star Wars knows that the chance of successfully navigating an asteroid field are approximately 3,720 to 1, The odds are significantly higher using today’s autonomous drones, which fly a lot slower than sublight speed. Researchers at MIT believe they have hit upon a few solutions to train drones to move quickly through a crowded, complex environment.

One solution, called “Flight googles” involves streaming a virtual reality environment to the drone as it flies through empty space. While using this system the drone is able to use motion capture equipment, drone technology, and high-bandwidth communications. MIT has created a number of hardware and software components to help drones fly with the googles successfully. 

Today’s drones are able to map their surroundings as long as they cruise at low speeds, eventually though scientists want them to be able to fly faster and navigate on their own. Right now, even the smartest drones can’t process visual information fast enough without crashing from the slightest changes in the environment. MIT wants to be able to challenge human pilots in the sport of drone racing, and have the automated drones win. 

Not only will these drones be able to navigate for military, but they will enhance the way movies are filmed. Directors will be able to film more high-speed scenes without having to worry about the drone crashing. They will also be able to get more film angles on complex shots. It will revolutionize the way drones are flown. 

Here at V-Drone, we have the latest in drone photography technology. Our aircraft can capture everything from stills to 4K footage at heights of up to 400 ft. They are equipped with live camera view and GPS positioning, which allows us to frame up your shot at the precise altitude you request. With multiple drones, employing multi-camera setups, we can create 360-degree views and high-resolution images with no lens distortion.

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