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drone racing tracers

Brand Exposure Through Drone Racing

Drone racing is absolutely thrilling to watch. These drones can go from 0 to 80 miles per hour in less than a second, moving quickly through obstacle courses built specifically for drones. Now, brand sponsorships are thinking more creatively than ever to catch their audiences.

Drone racing is starting to gain popularity in a huge way. The New York-based Drone Racing League is a three-year-old company that organizes races in various cities and has been growing in audience and advertiser bases by integrating brand sponsorships directly into the events.

Drone racing fans aren’t into traditional advertisements such as billboards. An excellent example of this is that last year; the company partnered with Cox’s Wi-Fi to create a fantastic commercial. 

This isn’t the first time that drones have been utilized for advertisement. Aspiring entrepreneurs are offering drone-enabled  promotions using techniques ranging from flourishing customer banner ads to delivering product models at meetings. This technique goes back to the old school blimp advertisements or banners hanging behind a plane. This technique works great for outdoor events such as long music festivals, or exhibits.

Everyone is talking about drones and are excited about the new technology, and they reinforce the underlying idea of the future. This is why every big brand is thinking of a way to use drones. If you’re not thinking about integrating drones into your marketing or advertising plan, you’re behind the curve!

Here at V-drone, we know that drones can help in a variety of ways including with businesses and brands! We believe that people are going to realize that drone technology has matured in a way that can be of value to any brand. From realty, resorts, casinos, and more, V-Drone is ready to take to the sky to help your brand soar. Learn more about our proven success by taking a look at our impressive portfolio here.


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