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drone ready for takeoff

Drone Companies in New Orleans Look at Animation.

By now, you already know that drone companies in New Orleans are few and far in between. Here at V-Drone, we are constantly researching the latest news in the drone world!  In a typical motion-capture animation setup, an actor goes through their actions in a studio equipped with multiple cameras while a computer tracks the markers on the actor’s body. This enables them to build a moving 3D skeleton that is digitally fleshed out to create the final animated character. However, drones are here to change the world of animation too.

Tobias Nageli, a computer scientist at Switzerland’s ETH Zurich research institute, the system requires no more than two commercially-available camera-equipped drones, a laptop and a special suit. This suit has infrared-light diodes located at each joint on the body. This enables the actor the ability to move around various outdoor or indoor environment while walking, running, or climbing!

As they do this, the two drones autonomously fly along with them, each one staying positioned so that it can film the actor from a different angle. The system is even able to anticipate the actor’s movements.

Since these drone cameras move with the actor, only two of them are necessary in order to capture enough of the cation. By contrast, because the cameras in a traditional studio are stationary, many of them are needed in order to sufficiently image the actor as they move across the room or turn around.

Here at V-drone, we stay amazed at the uses of drones every day. We have the latest in drone photography technology. Our aircrafts can capture everything from stills to 4K footage at heights of up to 400 ft. They are equipped with live camera view and GPS positioning, which allows us to frame up your shot at the precise altitude you request. With multiple drones, employing multi-camera setups, we can create 360-degree views and high-resolution images with no lens distortion.




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