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before you use drone photography

Eight Steps To Take Before Using Drone Photography

You have a lot to think about before you use drone photography. You probably already know that drone photography is stunning, captivating, and cost-effective. However, when it comes to drone photography for your event, there are many steps you must take prior to shooting. Here at V-Drone, we have the drone professionals to get the perfect birds eye view of your next event. However, we know that protocol for drone photography should be followed. Here are 8 steps to take before using drone photography for your next event.


  1. Confirm whether the venue will allow a drone to be flown and, if so, where. Charts and blue prints are great ways to show them where you are planning on flying the drone.


  1. Verify that the vendor flying the drone has appropriate insurance. Insurance is a must for drones. You never know what could happen!


  1. Ask the vendor for references and examples of prior drone footage. Here at V-Drone, the proof is in the pudding. We have successfully captured photography and videography with our machines that have helped brands go further.


  1. Understand that drones can be disruptive. They are noisy and produce a downward wind gust. When flying above a trade show floor or at a festival this may not be an issue, but during a presentation, for example, it could be a distraction.


  1. Find out if the drone operator will be in a fixed position or following the equipment on foot. Drones can be controlled from a monitor but, particularly indoors, organizers may want to request that the pilot walk with it.


  1. Consider the design of the event. In areas where the drone will fly, try to limit interference from signs and other decor items. The worst thing that could happen is if a chandelier came crashing down due to a drone!


  1. Communicate expectations and limitations with the pilot.


  1. Find out if the equipment uses GPS technology. Quadcopters have limited battery life, generally no more than about 30 minutes. Those with GPS can be programmed to automatically return to a home base when the drone gets down to 5 percent battery.


Here at V-Drone, we can coordinate with the venues for you. With our sister company Event Design Build, we can take care of everything every step of the way.


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