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Slidell Police Department Utilizes Drones

The Slidell Police Department has a new eye in the sky: drones. The uses of drones by the police department are numerous including search and rescue operations, crowd control, crime and accident scene photos just to name a few. Here at V-Drone, we know that the use of drones extends much further than just drone photography.

Drones used by law enforcement agencies are growing across the country. However, even with tons of fans of this ideal, there are still skeptics. In Seattle and Los Angeles, residents are worried about unlawful surveillance or drones eventually being used for weapons.

Drones have many beneficial uses, including search-and-rescue missions, scientific research, and more. However, without proper regulation, these drones could be a serious invasion of privacy. In the Slidell police department has studied the pros and cons of drone use and will be enforcing strict rules surrounding their usage.

All involved in the department have spent a lot of time working to learn and fulfill the various Federal Aviation Administration licensing requirements with training sessions twice a month. The real value of the drones is that they can go where officers can’t or feel unsafe because of safety concerns. During tropical storm season last year, officers flew these drones into inaccessible areas to check water depths and the extent of flooding.

These drones are equipped with a camera that allows officers to see exactly what the drone sees in live time. A thermal imaging camera can help track criminals on the run or aide in searches for lost people. The drone is also useful in mapping and photographic accident or crime scenes. Since these drones are cheaper than a helicopter, there isn’t a negative aspect of the Slidell Police Department using these drones.

V-Drone saw the potential in drones long before they became widely used which has gained us several years of experience. From capturing photography that was once deemed impossible, to filming from heights where no man can go: V-Drone is a team of experts that you need on your side. If you are looking for a team of professionals that will use drones to take you and your brand to new heights, call us today!

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